Use Any Post Type

MTS lets you choose almost any post type as the database for creating showcases. The forms can also be targeted at any post type – taxonomy term to change its meta.
Modern Team Members Native Post Type
MTS automatically registers the Modern Team Members post type assuming most customers would like to segregate and store their member data in this post type. You can even add 10 dummy members in one click using the ‘Add Dummy Members’ button in the ‘All Members’ page of this post type so you can get to start experimenting with showcases right away.
Showcases Can Get Data From Any Post Type
MTS gives you the freedom to use any post type as your member database. Of course MTS needs to be directed as to which meta data it should display from the members’ posts. So how do you connect the member post’s meta data to the showcase? You can embed meta keys as {{meta_key}} in the visual template of your showcases and the showcase will switch that code with the value of that meta key. There is also an extended list of pseudo meta keys to fetch you values like post title, except, content, featured image, etc. The list can be found in the ‘Member Template’ panel of the showcase editor.
Forms Can Apply Changes To Any Post Type
The primary purpose of forms is to edit the data of the members posts. They do this by saving their data in various meta keys of the those posts as per your directions. For example, when a form is successfully submitted a field in it labeled ‘E-mail’ may target the member posts’ MTS E-Mail meta key (or any other meta key you entered as the target) to store its value. Subsequently, when this member post is displayed in a showcase, all instances of the code {{MTS E-mail}} in the showcase’s member template will be switched with the e-mail value entered in the form instead. Forms can target and affect the meta keys of any post type – taxonomy term via their editor pages.