Meta Keys

Meta keys with MTS hold amazing potential to help you modify the design as well as content of your showcase. Read on to find out more..
What are meta keys?
Speaking in layman’s terms, meta keys (or custom fields) are little pieces of information that you can attach to any WordPress post. They extend the typical, limited format of posts that consist of title, featured image, content, excerpt, etc. This helps us create richer, more expressive content, attaching more separate information snippets to our team members, eg: social links, email address. More details on meta keys / custom fields
So what can I do with meta keys?
Lots! For example you could create custom fields where the phone number and email address of each team member can be entered, and later on perhaps displayed in a grid besides their name. Or (if you are familiar with CSS) you can create a custom field where a unique class name is saved for each member and that class name is applied to their cell when printing the grid, giving you a way to apply custom styles.
How does MTS help me add new meta keys?
The form builder included with MTS will help you create forms for using on both, the admin section as well as front end of your website. Using it you can create various fields such as text input, HTML input, drop downs, checkboxes, numbers, etc and associate Meta Keys with these fields. Now when you or another person fills a team member’s form, the values you enter will get associated with the appropriate Meta Keys and displayed in the showcase where those meta keys are embedded.
How do I use these meta key values in my showcase?
The plugin’s visual template builder lets you embed meta keys in various parts of the showcase member templates. So you could create a new element in the template builder called E-mail and then tell the template builder to use the person’s E-Mail meta key as the content for that element. In a similar manner you can create other custom elements. To use a meta key you must use this format: {{Meta Key}}