Import members

You can import members to MTS through CSV files. Excel, Open Office, Numbers, Google Sheets and a variety of other spreadsheet programs support saving documents in the CSV format. A quick Google search will help you find out how to save your spreadsheets as CSV files.

MTS requires the import CSV file to be structured in a specific manner. Download the import format here.

If you open the import format file in your spreadsheet editor you will see a format like below:

Ideally, simply edit this example import file and upload it.

Things to note about the import file format:

  • The column headings must use the exact spelling and case as the example import format file.
  • A ‘name’ column is essential. All other columns are optional.
  • The ‘featured image’ column may be given a link from where to download the member profile image.
  • The ‘groups’ column should contain comma separated category names for the corresponding member.
  • You may add a ‘content’ column if you wish to enter post content.
  • If you wish to edit existing members, create an ‘ID’ column with their post IDs.
  • You can use the export file to edit it and re-upload it as an import file in order to edit current members.
  • If you have a very large number of members to import, you may need to break up the CSV file into smaller parts and import each file one at a time.