August 18, 2015

Creating Meet The Team Pages? 4 Tips to Maximize Results

Meet the team pages have become ubiquitous among business websites and for good reasons. They help humanize the business, give an opportunity to promote credibility through the team’s qualifications and empathy through their stories. Meet The Team Pages are therefore much more than superfluous addition to business websites, especially those run by small teams or members of staff.

Yet, while a good meet the team page ‘can’ yield solid contributions towards increasing sales, conversions and brand loyalty, merely throwing images and text at the screen, or making a study of the team members or staff like a technical specifications document is not going to generate the benefits we are after. In this article I would like to provide you crucial tips to help bring out the true potential of your meet the team pages.

I’m a web developer by profession and besides creating premium WordPress plugins I routinely help clients optimize their web pages. Through my endeavors I have found the following 4 high impact changes most businesses can make today in order to gain significant traction through their Meet The Team pages:


Design Tips For Creating Beautiful Meet The Team Pages 

1. Quality Images

If you are including team member images, note that their quality and presentation will play the biggest role in engaging viewers within the first few seconds of opening the page. The number of Meet Our Team pages that are lagging behind simply due to poor quality of images, and the ease with which you can get ahead just by providing reasonably smart images is astounding. Blurry, low-res images are an obvious NO! You must unite the images under a common tone or theme to give a sense of cohesion, synergy. Common but effective themes include B&W, moods, suits, etc.

If you cannot provide quality images however, it is far better to eschew team member portraits for images of objects that creatively represent them, either based on their attributes such as their personality (eg: Chibi Super Heroes, Dribbble Animals etc) or their team positions (eg: playing cards, chess pieces etc).

The idea is to generate interest in the viewers about who the team members are and quality portrait images are a great medium to initially trigger this. However creative alternatives can be just as effective if not more!

2. Modern, Responsive Layouts

While most of your web traffic may not be able to list down more than five features of modern web design trends, if that at all, most of them would be able to distinguish in an instant between a modern web layout vs an older look when they are shown the two! And what’s more – time and again they have found that the latest and greatest content is packaged in smart, modern design sensibilities, and therefore have come to associate this modern designs aspect with high quality content.

This is why, in today’s day and age, unless the viewer is already hooked on to your content, product or service, softer elements like modern design standards play an immense role in his or her decision to stay on the page or leave within the first few crucial seconds.

I am not even going to elaborate on the necessity of smartly responsive layouts. Suffice it to say there will be a large part of your audience who will only ever visit your Meet The Team page via their tab, small screen netbook or mobiles. Your designs need to look just as good on  the small screens of various sizes as on large screens.


Content Tips For Creating Engaging Meet The Team Pages

3. Story Synopsis

Through your team members you have a great opportunity for humanizing your business and establishing trust and credibility. If you can communicate your team member’s personalities / stories to your prospective customers, you will evoke a social response within them towards your team / staff members and therefore your business. Try to bring out in as few words as possible the most interesting aspects about them. A synopsis of their story, success, struggle or aspiration will be ideal and doesn’t need to be more than a few lines to evoke a response. But keep in mind, bulky text is a major turn-off for viewers. The idea is to provide just enough text to pique their interest and then give them links to lightbox or profile pages where they can read more about them team members if they wish.

Depending on your industry this section may also require information on their qualifications. You must weigh the balance here of which content gets priority. But keep in mind, an emotional connection in the beginning is almost always paramount to hold viewer interest for the rest of the content.

4. Language

When presenting a witty, upbeat tone throughout the content, you will find your audience more likely to remain engaged in the text. This is an art and hitting the right melodic note may require a few initial drafts, but it is goes a long way in creating a personable, endearing atmosphere for the page, generating subliminal goodwill for business and its members. Modern big businesses, even ones routinely handling boring, serious tasks are often savvy enough to employ such a voice to gain positive audience interest. Perhaps you’ve already hit the right tone with the rest of your content, and extending it to the Team section will be natural. But if not, here is a good place to being developing this tone and eventually encompass the rest of your site in it.


While enhancing your Team Showcase designs based on these changes keep in mind not to bite off more than you can chew at once. After all, creativity is paramount here and it tends to suffocate when overwhelmed. Feel free to apply these changes gradually over a period of time or come back to enhance your pages as more ideas strike you. Use Google Analytics to test the effectiveness of your content changes. As you experiment you’re bound to hit a tipping point that will convert your Meet The Team page into a powerful new tool to communicate strong value to your potential customers and attract them to your business proposition.