Creating Custom Attributes

Perhaps you wish to add some custom attributes to your team member profiles, such as age, education level, ethnicity, etc. Here’s how you achieve it.
Getting the Attribute Information From Members
Age, education level, etc, whatever your new custom attribute is going to be, the first thing of course, is that you need a way to collect that information. Perhaps you already have that information in some meta key attached to your team member’s posts. In that case you can skip this step. Otherwise you need to customize an existing form or create a new form with this custom field added to it. For example in the case of gender, we could add a new ‘Radio’ form field to one of our forms. label it appropriately and and save it. While you do this, do not forget to attach an appropriate meta key to the form field, so we know where the information will be saved. Let’s say the meta key you attached is ‘MTS Gender’
Displaying the Attribute Information in Showcases
Once the forms have been filled, all the members will have that attached to their posts as meta values which can be accessed via the meta key you assigned to the new attribute field. Now you can add this meta key into your member template to display the attribute value in the showcase. In our example we can use this code: {{MTS Gender}} anywhere in our template to have it replaced with the ‘MTS Gender’ value of the member. You can either duplicate an existing attribute field and modify its fields to match your needs, or you can create an entirely new attribute field.
Using Meta Key Logic For Smarter Templates
The Visual Template editor gives you the facility of using meta key logic which is an awesome way of creating smarter templates. These templates will react with the data of the user’s meta keys and change accordingly. This opens up many facilities, such as showing ribbons, or additional elements if the member has an attribute x set to value y or z. Read more about meta key logic here so you can leverage this awesome facility for smarter templates.