Creating a Custom Attribute

You can give custom attributes to members and present them in your showcase. Here are the simple steps to do that.
Video Demo
Step 1: Add Attribute to Form
Our first step will be to add the attribute to one of the forms, then we will fill that form from the members’ pages. Then when we have the attribute value for all the members, we can finally embed the attribute meta key in our Member Template. This will make the attribute appear in all the member cells of the showcase. Please refer to the documentation page on creating a form, so you may understand how to add a new input field in your form, and connect it to a meta key. You must ensure that this input field gets a unique meta key as we will be needing that meta key later on to embed it in the Member Template.
Step 2: Fill in The Attribute Value For Members
Now you have to enter the value for the attribute in your member forms. If you want to enter them yourself, you can do it the members’ editor pages on the backend. There you’ll find your form appearing if you associated them correctly as described in the form creation tutorial. But If you wish to setup the forms on the front end so your members may fill them out themselves, you can use the shortcode provided underneath the form on the members pages. Once you have successfully submitted the forms we can move on to the next step.
Step 3: Present Attributes in The Showcase
Head over to your showcase editor and open up the Member Template panel. Using the member template to modify cell templates is covered in more detail here. All the presets have an attributes section, you will likely want to place your new attribute among those. So open element containers and navigate to the attributes elements. Just duplicate one of the elements and now edit its details. In the content tab add the meta key you used in the form with curly braces like this: {{MTS My Meta Key}}. If the attribute you duplicated is a link type, you may wish to head over to its Attrs settings tab and clear out its link. Finally, ensure you replace the meta key in the Logic tab of the attribute as well or else the element will not appear. And now you can hit Apply Template, and the member cells should show up your new attribute.
Special Note on Meta Key Logic Awesomeness
You do not have to be confined to representing attributes with just numbers and text. In fact attributes can be represented in interesting ways, by images, or entire sections being shown or hidden on the basis of an attribute value. For example in the Meta Key Logic example, members who are not attending the event have the reason for absence section showing up, instead of their other attributes. This element toggling based on values of attributes is controlled by the meta key logic system. It is a simple logic system with powerful results. You can get creative with it and derive interesting results such as showing different icon or image elements based on user attribute values.